Under 4 club

Our sessions welcome both native as well as non-native Chinese speakers with children aged 0 to 4 years old. Every week, we will introduce a new theme and keywords will be taught through music, play, stories and crafts. Each session is 60 minutes long with 45 minutes of active class time and 15 minutes of free play.

What can you expect from each class?

We will introduce key words through songs and will further enhance the children’s memory retention through actions.

Fun with the puppets
Visual and touch to help children develop interpersonal skills

Story time

Reading to children teaches them to recognize the sounds and rhythm of language. When children hear stories, they create images that represent the characters and events in the story. An important cognitive shift that occurs in the preschool years is the development of symbolic representation—the ability to mentally represent concrete objects, actions, and events.


We will design a bespoke theme-related craft activity every week to encourage cognitive and motor skills development through sensory stimulation.


Free and imaginative play
Children develop gross motor skills, confidence, independence and social interaction.

Snack time
Children sample different foods and learn the social skills of eating with others.