About me

My name is Jace and I am a first-time mum from Singapore raising my child in the UK. Educated under Singapore’s bilingual education system with Mandarin as my mother tongue, being effectively bilingual is a big part of my identity and I would love for my child to embrace that as he grows up as well, despite being so many miles away from home. My parents speak only Mandarin and it is my wish for my child to be able to have a relationship with them and also keep a piece of our identity and culture alive through the Chinese language. It has not been an easy journey, as my husband only speaks English, but I have found many creative ways to make Mandarin a part of our lives at home by incorporating it into play. This has benefitted both my child and my husband.

My sessions welcome both native as well as non-native Chinese speakers. There are fun activities for adults and children; we will learn key words through music, stories, craft and free play. Besides being a mum, I am a foodie too and I love to share food with people I meet. I believe food connects people together and when different families and friends gather to enjoy meals together, there is a great exchange of culture and experiences. At the end of each class, there will be snack time for both adults and children. Children are exposed to all types of food and at the same time learn social skills and etiquette. I would like to share this learning journey with others who can also benefit from learning Mandarin. So let’s learn Mandarin together!